About Ligavest Sdn Bhd

Welcome to our corporate website. Ligavest, over the years too, we have become the dealer/distributor for and ever increasing number of reputable brands. Among them WELDRO, MORRIS, MUREX, WESCOL, SUPER-FLEX, ROBTOL, ROBRASIVE, ROBMETAL, CEJN, 3M, FUJI, ACTION, SP AIR, VITAL and NABAKEM.

And the new Millennium will certainly see us continuing to reciprocate the trust and support of our customers with a better working relationship, our partners in progress and prosperity.

Our unstoppable commitment to innovation, improve our services and products, places us exactly where our customers need us.

LIGAVEST , the name you can trust for Industrial & Machinery Equipment & Parts Supplier.


1. Pipe Fitting, Flanges and all piping related components.

2. Steel Structure related Products.


  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Low Temperature Carbon Steel
  • Copper Nickel
  • Copper
  • Etc

3. Cutting and Welding Products.

  • Reinforced Abrassive Cutting, Grinding and Polishing Wheel
  • Compressed Gas Regulator, Flowmeter
  • Gas Cutting and Welding Torch
  • Cutting and Welding Nozzle
  • Welding Accessories
  • Welding Consumables- Mill Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Low Hydrogen Electrodes and CO2 Welding Wire
  • A.C. Arc Welder and Accessories
  • D.C. Inverter Welding and Cutting Machine
  • Plasma Cutting Torch and Parts

4. Lifting and Related Component

  • Wire Rope Slings
  • Shackles and Turnbuckles
  • Alloy Chain and Fittings
  • Wire Rope Fittings
  • Chain Block
  • Lever Block
  • Webbing Sling

5. Gasket

  • CAF Gasket
  • SPW Gasket
  • Teflon Gasket
  • Insulation Gasket
  • Gland Packing
  • O-Ring / Oil Seal
  • Gasket Material and Special Gasket
  • Asbestos / Non Asbestos Product

6. Safety Product

  • Safety Boots / Shoes
  • Respirators
  • Safety Helmet
  • Industrial Work Gloves
  • Hearing Protectors
  • Eye and Face Protection Products
  • Protective Clothing
  • Safety / Warning Signs
  • Fiberglass Fire Blanket

7. Electrical and Instrumentation

  • Explosion Proof Products
  • Cables
  • Electrical Test Equipment
  • Calibration Equipment / Component Testing
  • Precision Tool and Acc
  • Transformer

8. Professional Hand Tools and Hardware

  • RIDGID Tools
  • ELORA Tools
  • HEYCO Tools
  • ACESA Tools
  • PALMERA Tools
  • STANLET Tools